In case of issues with your Mac, we invite you to take a look at the two following procedures:

Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac

Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac

iPhone / iPad

If your iPhone or iPad doesn’t start up or displays a black screen, please follow these recommendations.

Apple Watch

If you encounter issues with your Apple Watch, you forgot your password or you simply wish to reset it, please follow this procedure.

Apple’s programs

Apple created Quality Programs that may extend the warranty for some recurrent issues. You can find the list of these programs here.


AppleCare’s phone assistance number
0 805 540 003 (number not overtaxed).

For every repair in our stores, iCare offers 10% off on any subscription to:

« AppleCare for Mac »*.

(Under eligibility conditions)

AppleCare on a Mac provides:

Centralised Technical Assistance

• Direct access to Apple’s experts

• On the spot interventions for desktop computers

• World wide local repair services


Offers up to three years of technical phone assistance provided by experts and additional warranty options.


Apple’s Warranty

• Offers repair services (parts and labor) assured by licensed Apple technicians

• Covers your Mac computer, battery, supplied accessories, Airport devices, and the SuperDrive USB

Software Assistance Included

• MacOS and iCloud usage

• Practical advices on apps signed by Apple, like Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc.

• Printer and Airport network connexion